Boraman Family History

Welcome to the website documenting the Boraman family history. The website records all known Boraman individuals and the pedigree of each family. If this is your first time on the website, I would recommend reading the Help to get some ideas on how to proceed and how to use the facilities provided.
The primary origin of Boraman individuals appears to be England, with the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian branches having been as a result of emigration from England. There are several Boramans identified in the USA, but to date nothing has been found to suggest from where they immigrated.

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What's New

  • Percival Boraman

    Added some more photos of the gravestone of Percival Henry Charles Boraman, killed in WW1 and buried in Artillery Wood cemetery.  Photos taken by Wayne Boraman during a recent trrip to France.

    (8 Apr 2014)
  • Place Search

    I have added a search box on the Worldwide and Individual's Locations maps.  Type the start of a place name eg Dun and it will present a list of possibilities.  Select the one you want eg Dunedin, and it will zoom to this area, allowing you to see what individuals/events are recorded here.  In the search box you can type countries, towns, villages, states, counties, street addresses etc.  The area displayed will be tailored to the type of place selected.

    (24 Jan 2014)
  • Various Updates

    Thanks to the free access provided by Ancestry over the Xmas period, I have added a large amount of detail for various individuals - nothing earth shattering, akin to painting the windows on the house to make it look better rather than building a new extension!  I have also further improved the experience for users of smartphones and small tablets, displaying only essential information by default and allowing the user to click/tap to see more eg source information.  If you see this symbol , click/tap will display more info.

    (3 Jan 2014)

Interesting People

  • Samuel Boraman (8 Dec 1815)

    Samuel Boraman's decision to emigrate to Australia in 1858 started the Australian and New Zealand branch of the family.

  • Lilian Margaret Boraman (Jul 1903)

    Lilian Boraman designed lingerie for, amongst others, the late Queen Mother. Funnily, no photos seem to exist....

  • Currer Coad

    The person with the wierdest name - Boraman doesn't seem so bad after that.

  • William Boraman (28 Mar 1829)

    William Boraman was convicted of stealing 1lb of butter from his master, and sentenced, at the Old Bailey no less, to one month in prison. What a rascal!

  • John "Paddy" Boraman (1868)

    In 1901 John attempted to join a ship bound for the Boer War in a home made khaki uniform but was turned away as he didn't have enough money in his pocket to get there. The local townsfolk obviously thought this was funny as they proceeded to test his ability to withstand swords by inserting long hatpins into him! Eventually the local fire brigade had to turn their hose on the crowd and the police sergeant rescued John and escorted him home. Later in the same year he again attempted to enlist but had a misunderstanding with the enlistment officer about who paid the expenses and again in 1902 enlisted as a farrier - certainly full marks for persistence. He also worked in a circus, performed high dives into swimming pools and was mauled by a tiger after caressing it one night! Quite a character!


A total of 249 families are recorded, comprising 787 people of which 366 are Boramans.

There are 195 different surnames recorded.

The earliest birth was James Gates in 1694 and the earliest death was John Boraman in 1746.

The longest living person was Violet Elizabeth Parsons Scheib who died aged 96.

The largest family was Charles John Boraman & Clara Laura Foy, who had 16 children.


Many people have kindly provided information and pointed out errors, to whom I am indebted, a (hopefully) complete list is below. If I have missed anybody off, accept my apologies and please let me know. Maurice Boraman, Lesley Hartwell (Canada), Christine and Richard Boraman (NZ), Sheila Martin, Greg Boraman, Abbe Todd, Wayne Boraman, Susan Yansaneh, Charles Paine, Ted and Dixie Boraman (NZ), Jessie Massey (Canada), Richard Paine, George Boraman (NZ), Mary Rutley, Greg Freeman, Stephen Boraman, Heather Milner, Gary McFarling, Colin Rutter, David Hodge, Diane Nicholson, Liz Woods, Beverley Scott, Anna Hammond (Canada), Robin Boraman, Nick Furniss, Sarah Lauzon (Canada), Richard Boraman (UK), Elizabeth Stanley, Marina Alessio, A'Lelia Bundles(USA), Vicki Stockton, Jeff Hibbs (NZ), Cath Kirk, Lorraine Stevens