Help and FAQ

If your query isn't answered below,please send me an email (see the Welcome page).

How are cookies used?

Cookies as such are not used, but the modern equivalent, local browser storage, is used, ensuring that no information is sent over the network. Local browser storage is used to remember the individual that you last viewed, allowing you to rapidly bring up the details of the person you are most likely to be interested in without having to perform a new search each time. Details recorded are the individual's numeric identifier and name. No details concerning you as a person are recorded.

Can I use some of the personal information from the website?

None of the personal information recorded on the website eg dates of birth, may be used for any other purpose. Don't bother asking as permission will not be given. No information provided for use on the website will be sold or hired to any third party organisation. All of the information recorded on the website has been obtained from public sources eg birth records, or has been provided by the person concerned or their ancestor. If you believe that an item of personal information has been either incorrectly used or is wrong please get in touch via the email address contained on the Welcome page.

What information is recorded about my access to the website?

In common with most websites, traffic logs are kept of access to the website. For this website the traffic log records such information as the IP address of the user, the web page being accessed, the originating web page from which the access was made and the browser user agent string. This information is used to monitor which web pages are most frequently used, any problems users are having e.g. failure to find a web page, and the most common browsers in use. The traffic log is also used to identify undesirable access attempts to the website, for example, attempts to probe for security weaknesses and users masquerading as search engines that do not adhere to the rules contained in the robots.txt file. IP addresses that make repeated undesirable access attempts will be barred from access to the website and may be reported to their owning ISP.

I think some of the information on the website is incorrect or should not be included, how do I get it corrected or removed?

If you find an error in the information, please get in touch via the email address on the Welcome page, explaining what the correction should be and if possible any links to sources confirming the change. If you believe that an item of information should not have been included eg it concerns a living individual whose permission for its use was not obtained, and it is not already in the public domain, please get in touch via the email address on the Welcome Page. In such a case, the information will either be suitably modified or removed.

How can I tell the source of a particular item of information?

If there is this symbol next to an item of information, it means that further information , including any sources, can be displayed by clicking/tapping.

How can I display locations on a map?

All of the known locations for an individual can be displayed using the menu item "Individual's Locations". If this menu item is not present it means that no latitude/longitude information has been recorded for the individual. If there is this symbol next to an item of information, clicking/tapping will display a map of the location if latitude/longitude information is available.

Some of the facilities on the web pages don't seem to work?

It is possibly because you have Javascript disabled in your browser. Javascript is used mainly for the display of images. You need to enable Javascript in your browser and try again. It's quite safe to do so on this website - trust me, I'm a Boraman!

How do I search for something?

Enter your search words into the search field at the top right of the page and click/tap the magnifying glass symbol. The search checks for matches on all relevant data eg name, birth date and place, notes etc. Multiple words can be separated by a space and only those individuals matching all entered words will be returned. If you wish to see all individuals held, enter * into the search box. Entering the word Boraman will get a list of all Boraman individuals held.

How do I zoom into an image?

Click/tap the thumbnail image in question and a larger display will appear. Double clicking/tapping this image will zoom in and the zoomed image can be moved around the screen. Double clicking/tapping again will return to the un-zoomed version.