John "Paddy" Boraman


Own Family


  • Blacksmith in 1897
    • Location: Garston, Southland, New Zealand
  • Labourer
  • Boot/shoe maker
  • Circus employee in 1896
    • Information source: Newspaper article
      Location: Fitzgerald's circus, Mataura, Southland, New Zealand


  • Gore, Southland, New Zealand


In 1896, the Mataura Ensign reported that John 'had his arm badly mauled by a tiger he was caressing' - he worked for Fitzgerald's Circus at the time. Later in 1896 the same paper also reported that he was 'having a staging 40 feet high erected at the East Gore Baths from the summit of which he intends launching out into the thin air and cool water' - obvioulsy he was quite a showman!
In 1901 John attempted to go to South Africa to fight in the Boer War but was turned down by the ship's captain as he didn't have enough money in his pocket! Later in the same year he again tried to join a ship bound for the Boer war but had a dispute with the enlistment officer over who was going to pay all of the expenses and he returned home.
In Jan 1902 the Otago Witness reported that John was enlisted as a farrier in the Otago contingent of the Eighth New Zealand Regiment - whether he actually ever got to South Africa is not clear as the war concluded in May 1902.