Zachariah Boraman


    • 1793 , Caistor, Lincolnshire, England


    From the Stamford Mercury newspaper, Friday 15th February 1793. STAMP OFFICE, CAISTOR, 5th Feb. 1793. RESOLUTIONS RESPECTING THE STAMP DUTIES on HATS, GLOVES and PERFUMERY. At a MEETING of the Retailers of Hats, Gloves and Perfumery, this Day held at the GEORGE INN, in CAISTOR, in the County of Lincoln, to consider of some Plan to prevent the Practice of selling those Articles without Stamps, contrary to Act of Parliament; Resolved, That we, whose Names are under-written, will paste, and affix or use proper Stamps to every Hat, Pair of Gloves, or Article of Perfumery we may sell by Retail, so long as the Stamp Duties on the several Articles are continued. [notice continues] Robert SWAN, E. CAPES, Richard BOOTH, M. CHISILL, Edward YOUNG, Zachariah BORAMAN, Joseph BELL, Faith GORBUTT, Samuel TURNER, Vilart HACKFATH?, Ann SHAW, Richard STEPHENSON, John SWAN